Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bill sent a post about getting even with trash dumpers:
Ever wonder how to help the river area? Recently someone dumped a load of trash/garbage at the equestrian staging area by the automatic gate at Panorama Vista Preserve. So I got out and searched through it. I hit pay dirt! Finding several pieces of junk mail and some UNPAID bills I drove immediately to the K.C. Sheriff's office on Norris Road. They were helpful and I filled out a complaint. The next day I saw a couple picking up their own trash as a couple of deputies drove by! If you see things like this please report it. It helps. Bill
Ed.Note: I love this!!! Billy Robertson has told me horror stories of times people have dumped "truck loads" of trash on his property, one time right in the tunnel that goes under Manor Drive. His experience wasn't as good as Bill's. He found the name of the person who "owned" the trash, but she claimed she had paid someone to haul her trash away, therefore, it wasn't her responsibility and Billy had to haul it off himself! Oh well, let's keep our eyes open and take the time to at least try to catch these creeps. Kudos to Bill for taking the time and initiative.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I saw another blog on (The Bakersfield Californian newspaper), concerning plans for Hart Park. The blog was from Kenny Beal, sorry, I don't know him, but would like to hear from any of you who could let me know what group(s) he is working for/with...
Anyway, he is suggesting that interested parties walk the park on Saturday morning. I know most equestrians will be riding this beautiful Saturday, but I have an early wedding so I will go to Hart Park to meet with Kenny and whoever else shows up. If you know any equestrians who are interested and not riding Saturday morning, let them know and maybe we can make a "presence".
I know that Bill Cooper and the Kern River Parkway group is trying to work with the County and Park on some issues at the Park. Perhaps they will be involved with this.
Here's Kenny's message, posted Thursday:

Hey there citizen of the community.
Want a world class park? What does that mean to you?
Are you up for a community walk in The Park? Perhaps just to observe.
Here is your chance to bring your ideas for revitalizing The Park. near and long term. If you want things to improve at the Park, PARTICIPATE. September 12, 8:00 am, Small Pond near entrance to park. See you there right? We will start with a walk from the small pond to the picnic area by the Peacocks. I'll then capture all your ideas on paper, then we will walk back to the pond. Please feel free to show up at any point.
Best Regards to all,
Kenny Beal

Saturday, August 15, 2009


As seen on "Animal Makeover" of RFD TV: According to Chris Goodwin, Equine Marketing Manager:
The resting heart rate of an equine athlete is 30-40 beats per minute. The stroke volume (amount of blood pumped by the heart per beat) is about 1 liter. So the amount of blood that is pumped through the heart of a resting horse is about two 5-gallon buckets!!!
At maximum performance ( a horse running 25-30 miles per hour) the heart rate will increase to about 250 beats per minute and the stroke volume will increase to about 2 liters per beat, or about 500 liters of blood pumped through the heart per minute. That would be equal to two overflowing 55-gallon drums in ONE minute!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This photo is construction underway on August 12th at the Mohawk Extension.
I received the following email from Janet Wheeler:
"Construction on the Mohawk Street Extension project has begun. The contractor will soon begin work on the river bridge, which will cause an interruption in the use of the equestrian trail through the construction zone. Please see the attached letter for details.

I would appreciate your assistance in disseminating this information to other members of the equestrian community. If you need additional information, please contact me at 661.326.3491."

The following letter does not indicate a completion date, I will try to get that info., Patty

Members of the Greater Bakersfield Equestrian Community,

Security Paving Company, SPC, the contractor for the Mohawk Street Extension Project, plans to begin construction on the new river bridge the week of August 24, 2009. This construction will require a temporary closure of the equestrian trail, located on the north side of the Kern River, through the construction zone.

This closure will remain in place while the bridge is under construction and while the work compromises the safety of horses and riders. The City of Bakersfield and the Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP) appreciate your patience during construction, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause the equestrian community.
The equestrian trail will be restored as part of the Mohawk Street Extension project. Upon the project's completion, the restored trail will continue along the Kern River's secondary flood plain and re-connect with the existing trail on either side of the bridge. The restored trail will be 20 feet wide and have a vertical clearance of 13 to 14 feet beneath the bridge.

For additional project information, please contact Janet Wheeler at 661.326.3491 or visit the TRIP website at .

Theodore D. Wright
Civil Engineer IV - TRIP


Tammie W., a teacher at Piute Mountain School, sent the following info on the upcoming fundraiser for Piute and Caliente Schools. Team Penning is $25 per person/$75 per team and ALL proceeds go to supporting the schools.
For special events info and entries:
Call Christine Angulo: (661) 867­, 0310
There was a number to call to volunteer or make donations, but the phone number wasn't complete, so call the school if you have more questions.
All events held at the Lawrence Snow arena. (Sorry, I don't have an address or directions.)
Schedule of Special Events: (all times are approximate)
September 5th - Saturday
7 - 10:00 am Country Breakfast at the Arena
8:00 a.m. Grand Entry - Opening
8:30 a.m. Queen, Prince & Princess Contestant
Introductions followed by contest of patterns & penning
10:00 a.m. Spirit Bar Opens with adult beverages served throughout the day and evening
11:00 a.m. Lunch/Snack Bar Opens
2:00 p.m. Team Penning
Calcuttas and Auctions begin & held throughout the events
3:00 p.m. Crowning of Queen. Prince & Princess Calcuttas and Auctions
4:00 p.m. * Jackpot Barrel Race - Open to Everyone(time approx.)
5:00 p.m.* Bike Barrels (Bring your bicycles!) Calcuttas and Auctions
6:00 p.m.* Team Branding - Open to Everyone
5:00 p.m. Lou's Deep Pit BBQ Dinner Begins ($9/plate ...•.. $4/12 &. under •••. 3 &. under free)
8:00 p.m. Western Dance at Arena with Live Band
* Each Event is $25.00 per person

** Queen, Prince &. Princess Drawing Tickets for a $500.00 drawing on sale all day!!!
If you know Taylor Payne (Claudia's daughter), she is selling tickets, so buy up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The following is a response from Andy Honig, who has put in MANY hours of labor, planning, and researching the Panorama Vista Preserve, you can access his web site for further information at
Users of the Panorama Vista Preserve need to know that alterations to the Preserve (This would include placing wire around tree trunks) would have to be authorized by the Board of Directors of the Kern River Corridor Endowment, the owner of the Panorama Vista Preserve.

I, as a member of the Board of Directors, have seen no evidence that sycamores in the Preserve are threatened by beavers and have strong reservations about placing wire around the trunks of mature trees. I would find this aesthetically unpleasing.

Almost all the sycamores on the river bank in the Preserve have multiple trunks and can readily withstand beaver activity.

I would not want to remove the beavers because I have observed that the beaver dams have, during periods of low water, held water in the river, benefitting the riparian vegetation. On our website,, there is a picture of a beaver dam holding back water. See "
Ed. Note: I can't add anything to this, Andy knows this area, the trees, and the wildlife as well or better than anyone I know. Thank you Andy for sharing your knowledge with us.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Noonshyne has left a new comment on your post "SAVING THE TREES":

A few years ago, Marci Cunningham received the okay (and gate key) to take a pickup east on the bike path at Manor to haul off junk and a car door that was on a trail going up to Panorama Dr. I think she got $8 at the scrap yard for the door. Her husband (me) was volunteered to help!
Ed. Note: Thanks Mr. C! A lot of times we women have some great ideas but couldn't pull them off without husbands and male friends who "volunteer".

Friday, July 31, 2009


Linda has left a new comment on your post "New Member":
I am also a new member to Ride the River Kern...although I have been riding the river off and on for 40 years. I board at Rancho Notso Grande for the last year (love my new home!) and previously at Robertson's for 2 years...would like to comment on a couple of my concerns.
I ride almost daily so am fortunate to see the changes along the banks of the river. However one feels about the beaver activity - they are a part of the natural environment that we all enjoy so much when we ride. In the interest of co-habitating with these wonderful creatures wouldn't it be great to protect the trunks of the equally wonderful sycamore trees that line the banks of our precious riding area. We all have our favorites, but the sycamores are at the top of the food chain in my book. Rather than fret after the fact when one is gnawed and felled by a beaver can we be proactive and organize a group to nip it in the bud? Anyone interested in this endeavour?
My other concern - hazards on the trail - whether they be pieces of wire or broken glass - what are the rules and regs concerning taking a non-motorized vehicle (golf cart) and picking up some of these hazards? Should signs be posted to warn riders that there is a vehicle on the trail, etc. etc. Input please...
Ed. Note: Hi Linda, how's that new horse doing? (actually it's probably been a year...) I agree about the trees, I'm sure this has been a subject of discussion with the Panorama Preserve group (which is why we should all support them). Maybe we will get a response here, if not, I'll try to contact someone "in the know". But I agree, at least a sizeable number should be identified and protected. My experience with beavers is that they target young trees with trunks or limbs under three inches in circumference. The older, larger trees do get hit if the limbs are low to the ground. (This is NOT a scientific fact, just observation from an untrained eye.)
Regarding the motorized vehicle, again we need to contact someone from the PP but I've been told that cleanups have to be cleared through the PP. This might seem like it's silly, (I mean who wouldn't want someone to go help cleanup?!), but I think it effects their ability to negotiate grants, funds, and liability.
I have posted designated clean up days in the past and will post again when I hear of one coming up. For small things, we will just continue to hop off our horses and bring it home. Thanks for your concern.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I found this information on regarding funding for trails. I'm concerned about the bridge in Hart park, it has been "out of order" for several months. Perhaps an equestrian group could raise some funds and we could pay for it. I'll try to contact the Park authorities next week and find out how much it would cost. In the meantime, here's the information regarding federal funds for local trails...
Recreational Trails Program Up for Reauthorization
Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2009
The American Horse Council (AHC) is working to preserve the Federal Highway Administrations Recreational Trails Program. If Congress does not take action this year this program could no longer be available to recreational riders.
The RTP provides funding directly to the states for recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized recreational trail uses. It was created in 1991 as part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 and was last re-authorized in 2005 as part of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, this law is about to expire. The RTP will have to be re-authorized in the next national surface transportation program bill if it is to continue.
Since its inception the RTP has provided approximately $677 million for thousands of state and local trail projects across the country, including many that benefit equestrians. RTP projects consist of construction, maintenance and restoration of trails and trail related facilities as well as the acquisition of easements or property for trails.
Although each state manages its own program, 30% of RTP funds must be spent on non-motorized projects like equestrian trails, 30% on motorized, and 40% percent on multiuse projects.
The RTP is one of the few sources for federal funding of trail projects that are not on federal land. The program is a great resource for equestrians to fund projects in their state and local parks, said AHC Legislative Director Ben Pendergrass.
In the coming months Congress is expected to begin work on the next 5 year highway bill. The AHC, in conjunction with a broad coalition of recreational trail users is requesting that Congress not only re-authorized the RTP, but also increase funding for the program to $555 million to be spent over the five years of the bill.
The AHC urges recreational riders to contact their members of Congress to voice support for this program. This is a great program and I hope equestrians will take the time to call or write their Representatives and Senators and let them know this program is important to the horse community, said AHC President Jay Hickey.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This is a re-post of summer events, but I wanted to move it to the top:

July 15th: ETI Corral 65 meeting at Cataldo's on Stockdale Hwy at 7 p.m.

July 18th: Cowboy Race Murrieta, CA (951) 677-5985 This sounds FUN!!!

July 26th, Sunday: Mt. Pinos Day Ride and lunch: ETI Corral 65 contact Helen (661) 837-2766 sorry, wrong date was listed earlier... the correct date is Sunday.

July 25-27: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia) Are you a "packer"? Call the Sequoia Unit and help pack into the backcountry. ACE stands for American Conservation Experience, where students from around the world literally pay to come work on volunteer projects across the US.

July 26th: "Rancho Rio Open Horse Show Buckle Series" contact Joy at

August 1: Day Ride with Kern Sierra Unit (more information to follow)

August 6-9: Maggie Lakes Work Project. contact Joy (661) 399-3603 (Kern sierra Unit) Do you like packing or riding into the backcountry and want to help preserve our access? Call Joy.

August 9: "Rancho Rio Open Horse Show Buckle Series" contact Joy at

August 8-10: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia Unit)

August 22-24: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia Unit)

September 24-28: Montano de Oro Camp and Ride: contact Crystal (559) 972-4299 Join the Sequoia BCHC unit at beautiful Montano de Oro.

Local Stables

I'm back from vacation! It was cool at the coast, but I still love Bakersfield...
I recently received an email from an "out of towner" interested in finding a stable. It made me think that it would be a good idea to establish a list of local stables, so here's a beginning (very incomplete, I'd love to have more added. If you know of one, or would like to send a description of the amenities I will add that. I will not get into "ratings" because there is always someone who loves a facility and someone else who hates it...)

Robertson Stables: Corner of Manor and Roberts Lane 393-2976
Rancho Rio Stables: 5320 Peacock Park Lane 395-0213
Silverado Stables: 4600 Alfred Harrell Hwy. (Next to Ethel's) 872-9462
Rio Bravo Equestrian Center: East of Lake Ming 872-5050
River Oak Stables: 7931 Garrin Road 834-4985
Shady Grove Riding Club: 10811 Muller Road 363-6959
Triple C Ranch Horse Hotel: 5818 South Fairfax 845-6937 website:
Valley Tree Ranch: 843 Moon Ranch St. 589-8704
On the Go Farm: 4500 Cosmo 872-7147
Banner Farms Inc.: 2707 South Fairfax Road 366-2128

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Ride to Griffith Park

I just got my newsletter from ETI and they have added a ride to Griffith Park on July 12th. Contact Laura at 366-1390 if you would like to join up and ride.

UPDATE on Aera staging area

The staging/parking area at Stockdale and Jewetta is adjacent (part of?) the Aera baseball field: Marci Cunningham has been following the developments of this area and has the following update:
The Aera Park staging area is still a work in progress. There will be equestrian access at the opposite end from the bridge as soon as additional fencing is installed to keep people out of the canals. The KC Water Agency just met last week to discuss this access and fencing so it will take some time for it to get installed. This access will be adjacent to the double gate so there will be no need for horses to go across the bridge. However I felt comfortable riding my Arabian horse across the bridge even with its proximity to Stockdale and the posts at either end of the bridge. Signage will be placed on the fence indicating horse trailer parking only and the turn around will have no parking signs placed in it. I think those who tie their horse on the park side of their trailer will always need to be aware of vehicles and people since there will often be kids playing baseball. Carolyn Belli asked that the city stripe the length of the trailer parking area to allow for some separation but it won't be much more that a couple of feet off the edge of the asphalt. Keep up the good work with this blog as it is a great way to disemminate information.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grand Opening of Allen Road Bridge

Three of us rode out to watch the Grand Opening and I should emphasize "watch" because we were down below the embankment and couldn't go up to join because of locked gates. But our presence was recognized as one of the dignitaries said he was happy to see several groups represented, including cyclists and "esquarians"! Bob and Marion and I looked around to try to spot one of those "square" something or others. Never caught a glimpse so we decided that maybe he meant the equestrians.
We checked out the staging area and the trail, here's our analysis:
The staging area is "passable" but needs some work to become safe.
1. We would like to see a degree of separation between the cars parked for the baseball games and our horses/trailers. As it stands, if you park your trailer on the side of the asphalt and tie two horses on the canal side and another on the baseball side, you had better have someone available to watch your horse and make sure a passing car or wandering child doesn't come up on your horse.
2. We would like signs posted stating that this is a staging area for equestrians.
3. We would like the turnaround end of the parking lot to have red curbs to indicate no parking and have it enforced. I drove by at 5:30 p.m. the other night and even though there weren't many cars in the parking lot, two vehicles still parked in the turnaround. If a horse trailer came in at that time, they would be forced to back up several hundred feet to get out.
4. In addition to the painted curbs, we would like to have a sign stating that vehicles will be towed if parked in that area.
5. The bike/ped bridge is unacceptable. It is too close to Stockdale Hwy and has a post in the middle at both ends to stop vehicles. (Some will say that this is no big deal, and it won't be a big deal until some goofball horse gets itself and a rider hurt. A friend of mine who has won many awards for her expertise in riding , said she would not risk her animal even though her animal is well trained and reliable and they have been through many difficult situations. Her opinion was "why put your animal in a situation that you know can be dangerous.)
6. When coming back from the river trail, we have to cross the bike path, but a tree leans out and you can only see about 30 feet. Either the tree needs to be cut back to allow us to see oncoming bikes (and them see us), or a sign needs to be posted warning cylists that there is a horse crossing coming up. I prefer cutting the tree back.
What we liked:
1. Since we are right next to the baseball diamonds, there are bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!
Although the underpass under Stockdale is a little too close to the water line for me, it is dry now and probably will stay dry unless there is a LOT of water. (won't be soon)
2. The underpass under Allen is super. It's up high above a possible water line and there is plenty of head clearance. It's also nice and open so your horses should feel secure.
3. We rode out on the dirt road for a ways west of Allen. It's a good road, but not as interesting as finding a path (or making one) out in the grassy area. Be careful in the grassy area, we found a lot of short lengths of barbed wire and occasional trash with glass and plastic. Not really bad, just be cautious.
Altogether, we had a great ride once we got away from the staging area. Hopefully, the water company or the city will figure out a way for us to get safely on the trail. Marion, thank you for the pictures, I'll post them when I get back from vacation.

New Member

Karen recently became a new member to Ride the River Kern and I thought I would post her personal info because I think it is probably true for many of us:
As an endurance rider, trails preservation is very important to me. I regularly ride the trails from Coffee Road to Lake Ming, including the available trails in the foothills between Alfred Harrell Highway and Highway 178. I think it is of the utmost importance that equestrians share their needs with the community at large in an effort to prove that meeting our needs is for the betterment of our community.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just received the following message:
Allen Bridge, road, bike re-route and Allen Road access for bikes (north and south) and the equestrian underpass will have their grand opening this Friday at 10 AM!

The elms were replaced with oaks (valley oak no less). Now I get to work on the revegetation plan for fall planting.

Marcia H. WolfeMH Wolfe and AssociatesEnvironmental Consulting, Inc.
I think equestrians should probably go out for an early morning ride then cross the river to the south side where the new Allen Road bridge crosses the river. STAY OFF THE ALLEN ROAD BRIDGE, cars will be coming across. Saddle up and bring your horse, or just drive out and join the festivities.


ED. NOTE: The following was a post under Bakersfield Life Magazine, but I thought you all might miss it, so I'm posting it separately. The highlights and text enlargements were added by me because I want to draw your attention to these facts. This has been a LONG effort that many of us are just getting involved in. Contact Rich, listen to what he has to say, and give him your support.
Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. (I have never blogged. so I hope this works). My name is Rich Oneil. I am a member of the Kern River Parkway Foundation and Committee. I have worked on the Kern River Parkway or aka, River corridor through Bakersfield since 1974. I have worked on (with many other people) the trail systems along the Kern River since then. That includes the Horse Trail, the Jogging Trail, and the Bike Path--seeking funding. purchase of property, signing, and preservation. --as well as Yokuts Park, Riverwalk Park, staging areas, etc.
I mention this little bit of local history so that I might encourage everyone to " work together ".
The River is used by many people and folks of many varied interests. If we can work together, we can continue to build, map, plan, fund, and preserve the equestrian trail from the mouth of the Kern Canyon to Lake Buena Vista.
For purposes of introduction, I count as my friends and co-workers on the River Plan, the following: Roberta and Billie Robertson, Marian Vargas, Carolyn Belli, Marci Cunningham, Donna Yowell..
I would like to share with you much more current and possibly (of which you might already know) news about the Horse trails along the River. I know that you have much information that also might be useful to the Kern River Parkway Foundation.
My phone number is 706-1096.
e-mail is
Sincerely, rich oneil
Also, this is another note from Rich received through an email from Marion,
Judging from recent BC news articles about the river trails and Parkway features, we (us) do not do a good enough job of communicating with one another (organizations). How about , we have a meeting or party whereby all non-profit and other organizations using the Kern River Corridor, get together and share ideas and plans. We all want and need clean water and shady trails along the river. Melissa, are you still willing to help plan this party? Keep brain storming! rich

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mounted Search and Rescue Helicopter Training

The June training for Mounted Search and Rescue was "helicopter" training. I'm posting a couple of pictures. Although the helicopter flew by closer than most horses will ever experience, all of the horses did very well and some seemed even a little bored.


Most of the following events were shared by Kern Sierra Unit of Backcountry Horsemen or the Sequoia Unit, thank you to both.
Some of these events are open for the flat land trail rider and some require experience in packing and backcountry riding. Call for more information and join if you are not already a member. Also, many clubs have meetings at private homes, so I will not list meetings unless they are at a public location. Call the organization if you would like to attend meetings and become involved.

June 20th: UC Davis Animal Science Production Sale (530) 754-4156
June 20th: Trout Day Ride: contact Jamie (559) 784-7836 (Sequoia Unit)
June 20th: The Golden Hills Equestrian Center is hosting a benefit Horse Show for United Pegasus Fondation on June 20th, 2009 at the Golden Hills Equestrian Center on 22347 Woodford-Tehachapi Road in Tehachapi, CA .
June 21st: "Rancho Rio Open Horse Show Buckle Series" contact Joy at
June 26-28 Kernville, CA Mule and Donkey Days (760) 378-2222
June 27-29 Food Booth (Springville?) contact Jamie (559) 784-7836
June 27-29 Pack Supplies for ACE contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia)
July 9-12 Grey Meadow work project and ride: contact Joy (661) 399-3603 (Kern Sierra Unit)
July 11- 13 Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia)
July 15th: ETI Corral 65 meeting at Cataldo's on Stockdale Hwy at 7 p.m.
July 18th: Cowboy Race Murrieta, CA (951) 677-5985
July 25th: Mt. Pinos Day Ride and lunch: ETI Corral 65 contact Helen (661) 837-2766
July 25-27: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia)
July 26th: "Rancho Rio Open Horse Show Buckle Series" contact Joy at
August 1: Day Ride with Kern Sierra Unit (more information to follow)
August 6-9: Maggie Lakes Work Project. contact Joy (661) 399-3603 (Kern sierra Unit)
August 9: "Rancho Rio Open Horse Show Buckle Series" contact Joy at
August 8-10: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia Unit)
August 22-24: Pack Supplies for ACE: contact Peg (559) 310-3176 (Sequoia Unit)
September 24-28: Montano de Oro Camp and Ride: contact Crystal (559) 972-4299

Monday, June 8, 2009


Marci Cunningham said...

"Carolyn Belli and I met with KC Water Agency staff and city staff at the staging area in May. We proposed a solution to the equestrian access problem that solved everyone's concerns but it has to go to the water agency's board for approval. The board meeting is not until later in June so we won't have a final solution to announce until after their board meeting."